It is heartening to see how many Foundations, Organisations and Individuals came forward to support the project.

We welcome you to join in. Every small amount means a lot to us. By donating to us you will ensure that the Biennale continues further. Your support will help us immensely in keeping the project and its spirit of collaborations alive.

You can donate to:

Bank: Basler Kantonalbank, Postfach, 4002 Basel
IBAN: CH35 0077 0016 0482 4165 7
Konto-Nr. / Account no.:  16 482.416.57
Account Name: Janine Schmutz
Address of account holder:   Ahornstrasse 22, 4055 Basel (CH)
Titel / Project name: Srinagar Biennale Basel

To know more about the Biennale:
Watch the Video Campaign for the last Project.
Read or Download the 2018 Catalogue.
Check the Crowd funding campaign for 2018 here.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@srinagarbiennalebasel.org


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Anonymous Angels
Jeebesh Bagchi

Anonymous Angel
Esther Spycher
Jeebesh Bagchi
Lynn Catania Voeffray
Marguerite-Anne Sidler Pfändler
Prakash Shankar and R. Mythily
Rut Himmelsbach
Simone Hampel

Adil Khan
Alex Bleuler
Alessandra Mezzadri
Alexandra vom Endt
Amit Thorat
Anirban Guha
Anne Schöfer
Antonio Uribe
Balz Laimberger
Beate Spitzmueller
Birgit Krueger
Chintan Singh
Christoph Keller
Gert Handschin
Jacinta Candinas
Marcella Trembley
Martina Dresler
Michael Babics
Monsieur Andreasschneider
Paola Debellis
Rama Kalidindi
Sadhyo Dorothea Niederberger
Saskia Edens
Sibylle Meyrat
Ute Barth
Vivian Crettol
Zeba Imam