Janine Schmutz (*1975)
Lic. phil. Kunsthistorikerin.
Studium der Kunstgeschichte und Geschichte an den Universitäten Basel und Freiburg i. Br. 2003/2004 wissenschaftliche Assistentin am Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral, Bad Ems (D). Seit 2004 in der Kunstvermittlung der Fondation Beyeler, Riehen / Basel; seit 2011 Leitung Kunstvermittlung. Daneben freie Kuratorin und Publizistin.

English Translation:
Art Historian, independent Curator and Art Critic.
Masters in Art History and History at the University of Basel, Switzerland and University of Freiburg i. Br., Germany.
2003/2004                   Research Assistant  atKünstlerhausSchloß Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany.
2004 onwards             Worked in Art Education Department at FondationBeyeler, Riehen.
2011 onwards             Head of Art Education Department at FondationBeyeler, Riehen.

Parvez Imam (*1967)
A multidisciplinary practitioner of arts.
1985-95                       Studied Medicine and worked in Psychiatry and Medicine in India.
1995 onwards             Started Filmmaking.
Gravitated towards Arts over the years.
Engages with Video, Photography, Installation, Performance Art, Mixed media and Curation-as-artwork.
More information at: www.parvezimam.net

CO-CURATOR (Episode-1, India)
Suresh Kumar G (*1973) 
Visual and Performance Artist, Arts Facilitator and Mentor.
Currently engages with community, public, collective art projects and artists initiatives. Practices interdisciplinary and experimental approaches in his work.
1997 - Graduation in Sculpture, College of Fine Arts, Bangalore
2000 - Masters in Sculpture, College of Art, New Delhi
More information: www.unboundjournal.in/?p=1053

Ana Vujic
*1981 in Pozarevac, SRB. Lives and works as a freelance artist and art critic in Basel (CH). She has a master degree in art history and works as a teacher in this field (main focus: Urban Art). Since 2007 she writes regularly for galleries or newspapers and moderated a radio broadcast about politically motivated street art. Since 2017 she organizes exhibition for the artist run space Voltage in Basel.

Brendhan Dickerson

A South African sculptor, performance artist and arts enabler, living in Basel since 2014. Satire, and cogent socio-political comment characterize much of his practice.

Claudia Grimm - Performance Artist, Switzerland.

Glynis Ackerman - Performance Artist, Switzerland

Irene Maag - Performance Artist, Switzerland

Margarit Lehmann

Markus Goessi
Lives and works in Basel. Since 2004, he works as performer, photographer and new media artist in Europe, Asia and South America.

Martina Dresler

Mirjam Spoolder
*1974. Performance Artist, Sculptor, Designer.
2008-2010 Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW/HGK in Basel CH - Master in Fine Arts
2004-2007 Rotterdams Centre for Theatre RCTH in Rotterdam NL - Stage-Management
1995-2000 Academy for Arts and Design AKI/ARTEZ in Enschede NL - Bachelor in Fine Arts
2016 onwards - Teacher Textile Design - LA HEAR Haute école des Arts du Rhin, Mulhouse FR
Website: http://mirjamspoolder.blogspot.ch/

Nadine Seeger 
*1960 in Buenos Aires geboren, lebt und arbeitet in Basel.
Stimm- und Bewegungs-Performance, bildende Kunst.
Die Performerin und bildende Künstlerin hat in München und Basel  bildende Kunst bei Professor Weisshaar und Werner von Mutzenbecher studiert und sich kontinuierlich bei Stephanie Tangerding und Agnes Leugger in Stimmbildung und Stimm- und Bewegungsimprovisation weitergebildet.

Ausstellungstätigkeit und Performanceauftritte in Deutschland und der Schweiz.

Patric Steffan

Rama Kalidindi
Snow is snow, alpine or himalayan, giving the same joy, purity and stillness. Let it be. Indo-Swiss-British Artist, Computer Scientist and Yogini.

Sandra Rau

Vinod Raja
Film maker and Cinematographer for more than 20 years. Lives in Bangalore, India.
Directed, Produced and Shot many films over the years. His latest documentary film, 'Sikkidre Shikari, Ildidre Bhikari ( Bird Trapper or Beggar)' is a powerful anthropological document on a Tribal community on the margins